Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The House On Clover Street

Back when I was in second year high school we had our family reunion on my father’s side of the family held at my Uncle’s house in Clover Street, Sun Valley Subdivision, Parañaque City. The house is empty since he bought it just recently from some Engineer who used to live there I think. My Uncle had a couple of houses in that Subdivision but he chose that particular house for the occasion since it had plenty of room for barbecue and games…

I’ve been to that Subdivision as often as I could remember but I never felt as weird as I did that day…especially when we entered that said Street. There’s this particular house that had the aura so weird it sent shivers down my spine. I found myself begging silently, “Please don’t let it be that house.” To my dismay…it was indeed the house that we’re supposed to go to.

The house is deserted, it is located at what seemed like a dead end of that Subdivision with tall wild grass around it…the nearest house to it is a couple of meters away. When we parked the car my family and other relatives jumped out happily talking with each other. I was left inside the car staring into the scary looking house. Don’t get me wrong it looked normal…at least through my family’s eyes the house is just like any other ordinary modern looking houses in that place but they didn’t know what awaits us inside this nice looking house. In my eyes it looked like one of the houses in Addams Family…it’s as if the house had a face…a very scary face.

I was about to get out of the car when a flash of some woman standing by the window of one of the rooms in the top floor suddenly appeared. I looked up and it’s gone. Shrugging my shoulders off I tried to shake off that familiar feeling of being “stalked” by these beings. I couldn’t tell anyone about it much as I wanted to because I know they would not believe me…and I didn’t want to scare off the kids.

And so we partied and I tried my hardest to have some fun…but it’s kind of hard to do since I am fully aware of the uninvited guests…or was it the other way around?!

My Mom at that time was with one of my Aunts who at that time attends the El Shaddai Charismatic group on a regular basis at the PICC…it was night time when they arrived at the house on clover street…back then I didn’t know that Mom experienced the same things that I did.

After dinner we all decided to have a grand tour around the house…all of us kids were thrilled upon learning that there is a basement located under the kitchen…we all went down there…and that is against my better judgment.

While touring the house from top to bottom I am convinced that it was indeed haunted! In every part of the house the woman I saw by the window is there…she followed us everywhere…and she wasn’t alone. There was a black entity roaming around the house and I could tell it’s not happy to see us there…the black entity left us when my Mom arrived…that was the only time I felt at ease. As we let the elders catch up on their what not my cousins & I decided to stay outside the house and of them even started telling scary ghosts stories...when he came to the part when he’s talking about evil spirits I asked him to stop. Talking about them means you’re invoking them to come out…and since the presence of evil is really strong that night and even if my Mom’s there with us…I don’t think I’d be comfortable talking about it.

The elders decided to spend the night since it’s late and my Titos were mostly too drunk to drive…my Uncle, the owner of the house told us we could use the house for the night and gave us the things that we needed…odd part is that he locked the gate & the door behind him when he left…up until now I wonder why the hell he had to do that?!

We were all at the living room at that time and no one made a move in going into the rooms to settle down & sleep…then my Mom spoke…”This house gives me the creeps…maybe we should stay here and sleep together." Everyone agreed since everyone suddenly felt the chills.

We all decided to pray…(led by my Mom of course!) and as we hold hands while singing The Lord’s Prayer I suddenly heard a very weird sounding voice coming from the basement…I can’t even tell if it’s a woman’s or a man’s voice…it just sounded weird. My Mom heard it too since she stopped singing and looked at my direction…my Aunt Elly heard it too since she dropped her hand and said, “What was that?!” Everyone stopped singing then my Mom decided to recite The Lord’s Prayer instead of singing it…we all followed her lead…halfway through the prayer that weird sounding voice is there again…if it’s trying to recite the Lord’s Prayer I honestly don’t know…because I couldn’t understand anything from the odd sound it’s making.

Mom prayed over the souls who were roaming around the house…

One by one they fell asleep…my eldest cousin Rowena, my Ate & I were the only ones who were awake…we all decided to stay up until morning comes…since they were using the phone talking with their boy friends…while I was happily listening to my walkman…

Drowning myself with my music I didn’t realize that my cousin & Ate were already asleep…leaving me all alone...I was then staring at the glass sliding door contemplating when a woman appeared standing nearby where I was…I quickly threw a glance at that direction but found no one…turning my eyes back at the door it’s there again…

I raised the volume of my walkman a couple of notch higher trying to ignore it…I closed my eyes trying to feel my music and I was just beginning to relax when I heard that weird sounding voice again it’s as if it’s breathing down my ear…what the hell?!

I opened my eyes and saw the woman standing right next to me…then to make my situation worse the black entity made itself visible again…I saw it roaming around the house…but thankfully it’s just outside the house…but still…it was scaring the hell out of me…I wanted to run to my family & scream but I couldn’t even move a muscle let alone utter a single sound. In cold sweat I prayed as hard as I could…prayed to God to give me a sign…telling myself…”If one of you (my family) would just move a muscle I could find the strength to jump out of here!” I begged and I begged for what seemed like eternity for me (but I bet it was only minutes) then suddenly my cousin moved her leg…almost immediately I jumped off and ran to the space near her and crouched beside her covering my ears and shutting my eyes so tight that it hurt. I covered my ears because I could still hear the woman’s haunting voice….my eyes because I could see the black entity moved towards the direction where I headed and stopped right outside the window above me. I prayed & I prayed until I fell asleep.

That was a total nightmare…I swore never to step foot into that blasted house ever again!

The next day without bothering to have breakfast we all decided to leave that blasted place as soon as we can…apparently I wasn’t the only one who had a scary encounters with the entities living in that house…and so we packed our stuff and board the cars…before we finally left the house my Mom offered a prayer for the troubled souls…as we drove away…I took one last glance at the place…I saw the woman by the window…looking at me with that accusing eyes of hers…

Was she trying to tell me something?!

Later on I heard from my Uncle that she is murdered in that house a couple of years ago and that whoever bought the house never had peace living in that place that is why it was always for sale…until my Uncle came along that is!

Was she trying to tell me how she died...perhaps she wanted to tell me who killed her.

Up until now I still don’t know the truth about her death…her case was never solved…

Should I have listened to her cry for help?!


Aileen Apolo said...

Gawd, good thing Clover is a couple of streets away from where I live!

mayfair said...

I think there's another haunted house in Bluebelle Street. Have you heard of that?