Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Creepy Creature

I have heard quite a few stories about different creatures from the “dark” side from relatives and friends. The one that I have been really scared of is the one called “Sigben”. I recall my yaya Brenda tell me her story. I’ve forgotten what province she is from (for I was really young back then) but it is somewhere in the Mindanao region. Her family’s house is a typical bahay-kubo. It is surrounded by large trees, and seemed isolated.

When her friends call her from outside of her house, they just clap. That is kind of their gesture. One evening, when she was about to sleep, she heard someone clapping. Though surprised because it is pretty late already, she looked outside of her window and tried to see who’s calling out to her. Because it is too dark, she didn’t see anyone, so she went to her bed instead. As she was about to sleep, she heard the clapping again. This time, it is louder. It seemed that whoever it is, it is closer to her room now than the first time. Again she looked outside her window and didn’t find anyone. Then she decided to go out to check. As she was going down their house’s wooden stairs, she saw someone moving behind a tree. She heard the clapping again. And it’s coming from that spot. She yelled one of her friend’s name thinking that he was that someone, but it didn’t stopped clapping. So she walked towards the tree. As she approaches it, bit by bit, she sees that whoever it is behind the tree, it is huge and has an odd body. She got the shock of her life when it jumped in front of her! She saw this half-man half-goat creature! Its head can turn upside-down and it has the scariest eyes. Its ears are so big that it can clap using them. That’s where the clapping is coming from. She ran back to the house as fast as she could and locked all the doors and windows. She woke up everyone in her family and told them what she saw. From then on, she never answered to anybody who is calling her by clapping ever again.

Click here to see an image of a creature that is rumored to be a young Sigben.

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