Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Have You Ever Experienced Your Bed Shake?

Last weekend I tagged along with my friends to see the sights in Ilocos Norte. I’ve never been to that area in the country and since it was free, I gladly went along with the plan.

It was a very long trip. We left Manila at around 4 in the morning and arrived in Laoag at almost 5 in the afternoon. We were looking forward to eating yummy local food and relaxing at the prestigious Fort Ilocandia, but we had to tag along with the other guys we were with for some work.

We arrived back at the hotel at past 11 in the evening and decided to check out the beach. It was very dark, only the moon illuminated the wide seashore. A couple of trees were scattered around. We had to avoid falling into newly dug ditches for a landscaping project, seemed like the placement of the trees were part of a grand scheme (quite unnatural). After checking out the shore – sand seemed to be black – we settled in a hut a few meters from the seashore.

Of course, like in Punta Fuego we started scaring each other. Abe pointing out a wire to be a tuko’s tail – in the dim light it did seem like a tail. We also couldn’t help but scare Sasha by placing our mobile phones under our chin to look like ghosts. Rito, a writer at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, joined in the raucous behavior.

We were laughing so hard, but I told Abe to cut it out since I was afraid that my third eye might open. The place seemed perfect for wayward spirits and I felt I wasn’t far from seeing one pop-up anytime.

Too late. I was speaking with Rito when I saw a blur of white and blue streak behind him. I just stayed quiet at first so as not to scare Sasha and Lauren further. I just said, ‘It’s too late I can already see them”. It didn’t help that Rito kept kidding that he was seeing things already. He suddenly stood up and said he was going back to his room.

By this time, the girls were already seeking protection from Abe. Three very scared girls, uhuh, lucky Abe and Rito. We then decided to go back to our rooms altogether.

I had to hide my face in Abe’s arm because I knew that what I saw was following us. I’d see him in the sort palm trees looking at us. Curious perhaps and probably amused that we were so scared. I only let go of Abe’s arm when we were already in the lighted area of the hotel. It looked like a kid Good thing it didn’t follow us anymore.

We slept with the lights on, but I guess Lauren was bothered about it and turned it on. I thought things were okay already. Sasha and I slept beside each other and assured each other that things were already alright and that we were far from the entity that we saw.

At the witching hour I was awakened by the vigorous shaking of the bed. I realized Sasha was awake too (I didn’t see that Lauren was seated on our bed already) and asked her what was happening. The bed was shaking so badly. I remembered that we were in Room 214 (supposedly a room that is always occupied – it was, something was in the shower). I was so freaked out because I became fixated on a corner in the room. I felt I was looking at something. It was so dark though and I just hid under the covers.

The shaking of the bed soon stopped and I finally managed to ask Sasha what it was. She said it was an earthquake. Weird, how could a bed shake that bad during the earthquake when it’s only on the second floor?


Eilanna said...

I have had many scary experiences but none of those "bed shaking" thingy...Iskerrr!!!

Ivan Harry said...

Me too. I haven't experienced something like this too. Maybe because I just sleep on a matress on the floor. lol... funny but true, I find it more comfortable. ;p