Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are You In?

Have you ever tried playing “Spirit of The Glass”?

When I was in highschool, my friends and I played it. I didn’t believe in it at first. I told my friends that we are only fooling ourselves. But they insisted on doing it so we went to one of our classmate’s house. Their house is pretty big, but seemed empty. Only he and his grandmother live there because the rest of his family lives in the US. Before we started to play, we prayed. And then started placing our two fingers – pointer and middle finger on top of an upturned glass. “Spirit of the glass, are you in?” we said. Then the glass started moving towards the “Yes” circle. I was kinda suspicious and I thought one of us was controlling the glass. But seeing their reaction, I knew that they are shocked too. We asked for the spirit’s name, and the glass spelled it. The spirit was a “he”. We asked how he died. He said that he had a car accident. His car fell off a bridge, and he drowned when he couldn’t get out of his car underwater. His body was never found. Then the glass just keeps on moving even if we are not asking him anything. He said he wants us to help him. We asked him “How?”. He said he wants us to look for his body, and bury him! Of course we are all thinking that it is impossible for us to do, so we said we are sorry and that we can’t do that. We said that we’d just pray for him. “I’m mad now!” he said! We were all scared. We’ve wanted to let go of the glass but doing so might get things worse. We said we’re sorry several times but that didn’t change his mind. And so we prayed. And prayed. And let go of the glass.

We went home right after that. We are all very terrified. I’ll never play that game again. I felt guilty about disturbing that spirit. I’m praying for him until now.

My brother played it too, with his friends. He said that the spirit who entered the glass is an evil spirit – It is so angry that the glass broke! And one of his friends got very sick the following day. His family brought him to several hospitals but all of the doctors didn’t know what was happening to him. After a week, he was paralyzed. He was in a wheelchair when he graduated.

Now, are you in?


Eilanna said...

When I was a kid I was curious about this game (if you really can call it as such) so curious that I almost played it with my Kuyas & Ates...madalas pa habang may burol at nagkasabay-sabay kaming nandun...but my Mom was adamant in telling us not to try it...heck she ordered us never to...and so I never did. And after reading Father Jocis Syquia's book on Exorcism I doubt if I'll ever be curious again.

Aileen Apolo said...

That's one thing I ain't going to play! Scare!!!

Ivan Harry said...

To Eilanna: Yes, i've tried it for curiosity's sake too. But I'm sure i'm not going to play it ever again.

To Ma'am Ai: Yes ma'am... Don't try to play it. That is one thing that I regret upto now.