Sunday, May 6, 2007


I grew up with a bunch of relatives who could see things that normal people don't...people say that my family members’ “third eye” is open that is why they could see these things.

I started having my own “sightings” during my early years in grade school…first time I saw them was when my family went to visit my grand father’s resting place in Loyola Memorial Park, Parañaque City…I was walking behind the others admiring the “view”…I saw lots of “people” roaming around most of them have this big smile on their faces, “Kaya pala fiestang patay ang tawag, para pala talagang fiesta dito ang daming tao!” I thought to myself.

I realized that those figures are not really human beings when I actually collided with one of them…he just went through me…”What the…”

After that incident seeing “them” became part of my daily life…there came a point that it didn’t bother me anymore.

This explains why I am not the one who would easily get scared over a horror film…except for “The Grudge” Original Japanese Version that is…ehehehe…that film actually got thru me. But no sleepless nights or having to turn on the lights while I sleep kinda thing…it just made me think…and I actually loved it. What good is a scary movie if it doesn’t serve its purpose?

Sometimes I ask myself why do I see these things?! Is there something wrong with me? I’ve been watching films, been reading things related to what I am going through to find some answer…all the stuff I’ve read & watched implied the same thing…if you have a rough childhood or if you are extremely sad or depressed, you are most likely to experience these things…Hmmm…I wonder saan kaya ako nag-fall dun?! Hmmm…

People would actually suggest that I should go to a specialist that would help me open up my "third eye” I was like, “why the hell for?! I am fine with the way I am now…if anything I want to “close” it. I do not want to see the future or see more of these things.

And so as time goes by I eventually lost my “talent.” Does this mean that I am happier now that I am older?! Does this mean that I finally have it closed?! And how was I able to do that?! Is my unwillingness to explore did it?! I honestly don’t know. Basta tahimik na ang buhay ko and I’m not about to go looking for ways to complicate things again by wondering why I don’t see them anymore.

It’s over…finally!

Or so I thought.

Last April 27, 2007 we went to Caylabne Resort in Ternate Cavite for our company’s summer outing…the beach is located below this weird looking ravine…the resort looks nice though. I shared a room at the top floor of the apartment style building with some friends of mine. The room is ok it’s got a nice view…it also have my favorite part of a house…the terrace. While waiting for my turn to take a shower I went out to the terrace to “reflect” with my brother’s mp3 on…I pushed the sliding door and went outside…it’s almost dark outside but I didn’t mind at all...stood there admiring the trees…wala kasing masyadong trees sa city…ehehehe.

So ayun while enjoying my moment alone…natigil ako sa aking pagmumuni-muni when all of a sudden huminto ang hangin…I looked around then suddenly biglang lumakas uli ang hangin…feeling like someone’s watching me…feeling like I’m not alone I decided to take a look around for the second time…that’s when I saw the “white lady-like” figure with a longest locks of black hair that I have ever seen…she’s standing by the tree that’s in front of me...few feet away from me. I closed my eyes & shook my head off…telling myself that it’s just my imagination…then I looked at that same direction again…she’s gone.

I went inside our room happy to find out that it’s finally my turn to take a shower…I tried to forget about what happened. After that refreshing bath I tried to relax by the bed listening to some mp3s…mga ilang minuto pa bababa na kami for dinner…I was enjoying my music when I noticed the two huge windows by the bed…I pulled the curtain to see what’s outside…to my surprise…it’s there again!

Why am I being haunted by these things again?!