Friday, January 25, 2008

Stairway Ghost

I've had a dry spell on ghosts the past few months (thank God!) that's why I haven't shared anything, also seems that past experiences are slowly leaving my memory. Anyway, I'm in Mindanao right now and got really freaked out last night.

I was with a friend. We visited her office early in the evening and then went out to have dinner at the night market. We had to go back to her office because we left my bags there. She told me after the incident we experienced that the building has a "past". When it was built a carpenter fell in the foundation hole. His body wasn't retrieved and he was buried in cement (sounds like what happened at the Film Center in Manila). A girl also committed suicide in a stock room. Now I can just imagine how fun it is working in the building.

So back to my story. When we came back to retrieve my bags we were surprised that the lobby and stairs didn't have any lights on. The guard said that the fuse was busted. So we went up with just the light from my friend's mobile phone guiding us up the stairs. I told her not to tell me ghost stories as we were going up. It was very, very dark and to "scare" off the spirits I started singing "Tomorrow" and my friend did her rendition of a Sound of Music song. We ran up the last few steps of the stairs in a panic and banged on the office door since it was locked. We were both laughing and panting from running up the stairs and had to change clothes because it was so hot on the way up.

After a few minutes we decided to proceed with our plans, but dreaded going down the stairs. We walked down slowly since it was dark. It was a good thing that one of her male colleagues came with us (he had to carry my bag). As we were turning on the landing we were greeted by a sudden gust of really cold wind. After experiencing it I asked my friend if she felt it. She kept ignoring my question and only answered when we got in her car. She and her colleague felt it as well. She said she did not want to acknowledge it then because it was the first time she experienced it.

The building did not have any windows on the stairway and the ceiling was low. It was also a very warm night.

I want my Mommeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!