Monday, December 4, 2006

The Shadow in the Pool

I grew up not believing in ghosts. My Mom would always tell me that they are just tricks of one's imagination. And whenever I'd get spooked I'd always think that it's just my overactive imagination.

I was a junior in college then and as editor in-chief of our school's literary folio we'd conduct an out of town workshop at least once a term. It was the workshop for our literary folio's first issue and together with a handful of other editors we left for Laguna a day ahead to make arrangements.

The place was called Villa OLA. It was a small private resort, with conferences room perfect for our needs. We arrived in the early hours of the evening and proceeded to get settled. After dinner and a short meeting we decided to break-up and do our own thing. I then proceeded to do some laps in the small swimming pool.

The water was warm, no breeze to make me cold and the moon provided a soft glow in the background. I was happy and feeling very much refreshed. I had made about three laps when I thought I'd bump into something in the middle of the pool. Not wanting to break my lap, I swerved and only looked back when I came up for air at the end of the pool. No one was in the pool. Just me.

Just your imagination, I thought. I then went on for another lap. The same thing happened. A shadow was crossing in the middle of the pool. I tried to reach out for him, but didn't hit anybody. I then broke my lap and stood up. Nobody in sight. Then a breeze suddenly chilled me. Just your imagination, just your imagination!

I then walked to the edge of the pool and surveyed the whole area. My friends were in the room and nobody was around. I then went underwater and opened my eyes. It was still there, a black shadow crossing the middle of the pool. I shivered and immediately got out of the pool.

I didn't mention the incident to anybody even with the arrival of the other members the next day. The place was pretty noisy with the arrival of the rest of the members. It was our break-time and I settled in the room to do some reading. I was quietly reviewing manuscripts when I heard shrieks coming from the pool.

I immediately ran outside to check what it was. Three members said they saw a black entity crossing the middle of the pool. And this was confirmed by some of the editors who had their third eye open.

I just stood there, in shock.

Villa OLA Resort. OLA meaning, Our Lady of the Abandoned.