Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hotel Ghosts

I've been travelling a lot for work in the past few years. I think I spent 45 days of 2006 in different hotel rooms. It's a good thing that I'm not scared of ghosts anymore coz there's always one in every hotel I check into.

Singapore - I must admit I'm not good at scouting good hotels. Anyway, I ended up in a hotel somewhere near Little India (hint hint) and I didn't sleep a wink the two nights I was there. I usually leave the light in the bathroom on whenever I'm alone in a hotel room. The place just felt so heavy and I saw this thing in human form (with matching turban!) standing in front of the bathroom. I hid under the covers, but that didn't help any since the presence was really overwhelming. I ended up leaving for the airport a good 4 hours before my flight just to escape the thingy in my room.

Davao - I had the privilege of staying at this really prestigious, expensive hotel in Davao when I was still in the yellow pages. I was watching TV one evening and had the lights on because I was also doing some reading, when suddenly this shadow in the form of a dragon walked across the wall behind the TV. Shocked I turned the lights on and off, but it was still there. I tried so hard to dismiss it as a small lizard playing tricks on me, but the goosebumps it gave me really freaked me out and as usual, I just hid under the covers and prayed.

Cebu - I just came from Cebu yesterday and this thing I just dismissed it as faulty wiring. I felt that leaving the bathroom light and keeping the door open was kinda freaky so I decided to leave the bedside lamp on. Just one lamp so it wouldn't be too bright. Much to my chagrin I woke up the next morning and all the room lights were turned on! Next time I'll make sure my best friend stays with me!