Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Creepy Night at Punta Fuego

I don’t usually get the creeps easily because I see myself as a very rational person. It took unsolicited confirmation from my friends that there was a black entity in the pool for me to realize that what I encountered was something out of the ordinary and not my astigmatic eyes. So this story is one extraordinary creepy night.

My friends and I were in Punta Fuego and after dinner decided to take a walk to Punta Fuego Point to record a podcast. Jayvee and I were a few meters ahead of the other when I suddenly heard a cuucuucuu sound. I reasoned to myself that it was just a bird or something when I felt the hairs at the back of my neck stand. It was then I realized that we were at a dark area of the street. The dogs started howling. I froze and asked Jayvee to stop so we could wait for the others.

I realized then that we should’ve walked to the lighted area first before stopping since we were in front of a house under construction. It was really dark and both sides of the street were cliffs that give way to the sea. The moonless night added to the creepy feeling I was experiencing.

Good thing Abe, Sasha and Rico soon caught up with us and we stuck together on our way up to Punta Fuego Point. I asked Abe if he heard the cuucuucuu sound and he said yes. A shiver ran up my spine so I just stuck close with the others till we reached Punta Fuego Point.

Punta Fuego Point was unfortunately dark. There’s a small entrance to the garden and a walkway to the gazebo. Of course, since no one was there we had to turn the lights on ourselves. I couldn’t help but shiver since the surrounding was really dark because of the sea. I felt we were disturbing spirits at rest in the place and was quite scared that we might annoy them.

We stayed for about an hour or so and finished our recording. We were quite rowdy until we had to turn the lights off again. Walking back to the house I hooked up on Abe’s arm and didn’t let go until we were in the yard. I didn’t look back, nor did I look sideways. I felt there was someone watching us with sinister eyes and was just tolerating us as guests of the place.

Now I wonder, was it a spirit or a creature watching us?


Dine said... you have an "eye" for them ghosts?

Ivan Harry said...

mmm..a creature maybe.. one with a bloddy-red eyecolor, long fangs, and dark, thick hair all over it's body. creeeeeppyyy..

Edward said...

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Natatakot tuloy ako sa mga sinusulat mo rito. Salamat sa pagbisita sa akinnnng Galery of horror blog hehehehehehe. Joke lang.
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Aileen Apolo said...

@dine - sometimes hehe

@ivan - that's what I thought it is. I definitely didn't want to see it.

@edward - mahilig din po ako magbasa ng ghost stories hehehe.