Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sleepless in Capiz

I've traveled so much in the past year that I've gotten used to sleeping in different places without having to adjust (in short, di na ako namamahay). I've also learned to ignore little creaks, the weird sounds, the sudden whoosh of cold air and dark corners in hotel rooms. I have to because I have to keep my sanity and it's part of my job to travel sometimes.

Since the last time I posted about hotel ghosts, I've been to many more hotels and the one that freaked me out the most was this inn (not even a hotel!) in Capiz last August.

I traveled to Capiz by land from Iloilo. It was a 2-hour trip and I missed breakfast and lunch and was very hungry when we arrived at the inn. It started to rain when we arrived, so we had to dash inside to avoid getting wet. My companion from a foundation I've been working with took care of getting the rooms and I stayed with our stuff while things were being arranged. When the rooms were ready, I just dropped my stuff in and immediately when downstairs to grab a bite.

I hadn't had any sleep the night before because I bungled my flight reservations and had to be at the airport by 3 a.m. to pay for penalties. (When you're booking too many flights this sometimes happens!). So, after eating lunch I headed up to my room.

I left the lights and the aircon on because I knew I wanted to take a nap immediately after eating. I got chills up my spine when I surveyed the room and the bathroom. It wasn't a big room. It had walls in mint green, a small white closet, a bench, a dresser with mirror and a really small bed. When I opened the bathroom door I shivered coz a slight wind passed and I just dismissed it. After seeing the room I went out and asked the front desk if they were sure there weren't any "ghosts" in the inn. The guy said there weren't any.

It was unusually cold in the room. The temperature was different, so I adjusted the temperature, but it still felt the same. I just chalked it up to being tired and put my shawl on the bed (for familiar smells) and took a nap. I woke up about 2 hours later, but did not feel rested. I stood up and checked my mail and did some online chores. After awhile I got ready for dinner and left.

I bugged Dino all throughout dinner about how I felt about the hotel. He said he didn't feel anything and everything was just normal. I delayed going back to my room, but Dino had to do some work and prepare stuff for the training the next day.

I dreaded taking a shower and dilly-dallied by chatting with some friends online. At some point though I knew I had to take a shower already (I cannot not shower before sleeping!), but I still kept on chatting with a friend in Davao. And then I heard the faucet being turned on and then the sound of water flowing from it. I sat up straight and froze. I told myself if wasn't a ghost or anything, so I stood up and opened the bathroom door. The faucets were not turned on. I chided myself about having an over-active imagination and just dismissed the sound and thought that it may have come from the next room or something. So, I turned on the TV and continued chatting with my friend. Then it happened again.

I knew I had to go shower soon, before midnight, so I told my friend to keep my company by just staying online. Kunwari andiyan ka lang ha, dito kunwari sa room. It's probably one of the quickest showers I've taken in my life. When I got out, I just stood there transfixed on a spot near my bed. There wasn't anything there, but I just felt like there was something there. After dressing up, I buzzed my friend to let him know I was okay and that I was going to get some sleep. It was already midnight.

I kept the TV, the lights and my laptop turned on. It took me a long time to fall asleep and couldn't stop thinking that there was something in the closet and something by the bedside table. I fidgeted and kept tossing and turning until I drifted off to sleep. And then I woke up with a start. It felt like I dropped out of nowhere and landed on the bed. The first thing I noticed was the TV was not turned on anymore and it was exactly 3 a.m.

When the sun was up, I immediately checked out and just waited for Dino at the reception area.


hoop said...

My wife refuses to talk about ghosts because it opens her third eye. She also doesn't like to be fatigued when she sleeps because it has the same affect.

Maybe being tired and talking about "them" has the same effect on your third eye?


Aileen Apolo said...

@hoop - it's been closed for the longest time, except that time in Capiz. Well... it IS Capiz... known for that stuff and I completely forgot about that until it happened to me. There are some in Davao, but they are friendly.

To keep my third eye from opening I stopped reading those fifty peso horror compilations. That plus my over-active imagination got me in trouble last year. So, iwas na lang talaga =)

Elli Cole said...


That sounds really scary. That's why I always try to bug my sister to accompany me /anywhere/.

Lol. I sound like such a child but I'm really scared of ghosts. :D

ZJ said...

Hi Aileen.
I know a lot of people are saying that Capiz is a haven of aswangs but I have not heard that Capiz is known for ghosts (this is the first time). I am from Roxas City, Capiz, by the way :D

s2pido said...

u know what, they say 3am always has something to do with ghost encounters.