Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hotel Ghosts

I've been travelling a lot for work in the past few years. I think I spent 45 days of 2006 in different hotel rooms. It's a good thing that I'm not scared of ghosts anymore coz there's always one in every hotel I check into.

Singapore - I must admit I'm not good at scouting good hotels. Anyway, I ended up in a hotel somewhere near Little India (hint hint) and I didn't sleep a wink the two nights I was there. I usually leave the light in the bathroom on whenever I'm alone in a hotel room. The place just felt so heavy and I saw this thing in human form (with matching turban!) standing in front of the bathroom. I hid under the covers, but that didn't help any since the presence was really overwhelming. I ended up leaving for the airport a good 4 hours before my flight just to escape the thingy in my room.

Davao - I had the privilege of staying at this really prestigious, expensive hotel in Davao when I was still in the yellow pages. I was watching TV one evening and had the lights on because I was also doing some reading, when suddenly this shadow in the form of a dragon walked across the wall behind the TV. Shocked I turned the lights on and off, but it was still there. I tried so hard to dismiss it as a small lizard playing tricks on me, but the goosebumps it gave me really freaked me out and as usual, I just hid under the covers and prayed.

Cebu - I just came from Cebu yesterday and this thing I just dismissed it as faulty wiring. I felt that leaving the bathroom light and keeping the door open was kinda freaky so I decided to leave the bedside lamp on. Just one lamp so it wouldn't be too bright. Much to my chagrin I woke up the next morning and all the room lights were turned on! Next time I'll make sure my best friend stays with me!


Ivan Harry said...

oooohh.. katakot..

Dine said...

i, too, have been traveling a lot the past 10 years.

worse of my ghost stories happened in Le Royale Hotel in Cambodia (the most expensive hotel there). i woke up one early morning, to find an old woman in black veil weeping. i froze, covered myself with the blanket.

when i woke up the next morning, the 2 rolls of toilet paper were all scattered on th floor, and the windows in the toilet were all open (btw-hotel always saw to it that teh windows were closed)

eerie...but true

Dabawenya said...

I wonder which hotel in our city (Davao) spooked you. I practically know most of the ghost stories of the famous old hotels here and have worked in three of them. hotel employees are more often witnesses to these experiences. :-)

i also do not like to sleep alone in hotels when i travel. it came to a point that i much rather open my hotel door than lock it while am sleeping. stupid move, but then i felt more secure with real people than entities. at that time, i was also in a remote place in indonesia where people were so into spirits. in a beach resort where we stayed, my companions in the next cottage couldn't sleep because they could see this long white-haired old woman sitting in a corner just looking at them. aaargh.

funny thing is, i am so into asian horror movies. am an avid collector and can watch a spooky film at 12 midnight. and yet i can't sleep alone because my imagination runs wild. :-)

so...which hotel in my city was it? hehe

Aileen Apolo said...

@ivan harry - sanay na me!

@dine - goodness! that is definitely scary!!!

@dabawenya - it's the biggest hotel in Davao... the one in front of Aldevinco. So I just now usually stay in Casa Leticia - the ghosts are friendlier there! Hope to see you in Davao next month!

Dabawenya said...

yup, got it. talks are that there is this kid running in and out of the elevator on a certain floor too. Hehe. If you're into Asian films like me, I'd say it's a tinge of the Dark Water plot. Anyhow, let me know if you are in Davao. Let's go ghost hunting (witch laughter).

Sleepless Hollow said...

This is the 3rd entry I've read so far about your ghost stories.

Maybe, spirits find you comfortable enough that's why they make their presence known. Ever tried talking to them or asking them what they want from you?

Btw, I think your best friend should be with you when you go to a hotel. ;)

Jerome G. said...

I don't want to travel alone anymore! LOL.