Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ghost or Fog?

Egads! Anne and Harry are going to kill me for this really, really late post! I've been really busy, but this post has been at the back of my mind for quite a while already.

Last month I went to Tagaytay for dinner with some friends. Of course, the place we had dinner in had a fabulous view of the lake. The moon was a bit yellow, hidden behind a cloud, it cast rays on the lake. So I tried capturing it on camera. This is how it looked:

When I checked my idiot camera, I was surprised to see some fog on it. Looked around and found no one beside me. Then I immediately took another photo:

It was clear.

Strange, I thought. Could it be a spirit from the area saying hello? Promise, no one was beside me. Neither was anyone smoking. Egads.

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Sleepless Hollow said...

I was checking your picture, kaso di ko makita masyado. Medyo malabo sa PC ko (monitor problem siguro)

Pero, parang kinilabutan ako sa nakuha mong litrato. Eerie... and creepy.... brrrrr