Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seeing the Unseen, Hearing the Unheard

I had lunch today with a fellow Bicolano who's father was my Mom's seatmate in school. It was our first meeting and what was notable about it was we got so comfortable our conversation turned to ghost stories. For some strange reason our IT talk on CDO turned to ghost stories.

We both agreed that the hotels there have ghosts like the one I stayed in last year for a roadshow. Upon entering the room I already felt a presence. Since I was so tired I just shrugged it off and ignored it, went out to have lunch with Jonas. Upon returning to my room I took a nap and got up to take a shower. There was someone in the shower. As I was taking a shower I could feel eyes boring through my back and it was awfully cold despite the warm water. I didn't feel though that it meant any harm. It just probably wanted to scare me off. So I managed to ignore it.

Good thing I was out the rest of the day for a speaking engagement and meet-ups. Ended up having dinner with Jonas at Limketkai and managed to go back to the hotel before midnight. I was too tired to mind the little child running around in my room. I couldn't see him, but I certainly felt him. I thought he just wanted some attention. What caught my attention was the noise from the disco across the street. It was so annoying that I just left the TV on mute. Of course, I had all the lights turned on as well.

I managed to get in a few hours of sleep, but the noise from across the street was still ringing on my ears when I woke up. Upon meeting my roadshow mates at the lobby I ranted to Jonas that it was so noisy outside my window. We were on the same floor and faced the same object of annoyance. He told me, "What noise?" I described to him the disco sounds that wrecked my slept. "There wasn't any," he said and said that the bar in front of the hotel was closed. "Looks like it burned down or something."

Oh my gawd.